About us

From the kitchens of Brazil to the UK, Beleza is a traditional all-you-can-eat Brazilian rodizio with a focus on high quality food and exceptional standards of service.

Our premium grilled meats will be served to table continuously by skilled Passadors. Using a double-sided card on the table customers can control the flow of meats at their own pace. The green side signals the chefs to bring out skewers of sizzling meats one by one, while the red side indicates a resting point.

To accompany our meats, customers can help themselves to a delicious selection of Brazilian and Argentinian hot and cold dishes straight from the kitchen at our self-serve salad bar.

Beleza aims to deliver an unforgettable dining experience with a unique concept from our traditional South American roots, creating the perfect environment both for guests to dine in and team members to thrive in.