What Is Brazilian Rodizio?

What Is Brazilian Rodizio?

Rodizio is a style of service in Brazilian dining and it’s also the name given to restaurants that serve Rodizio-style meals. Rodizio is Portuguese for “rotation” or “turn,” so saying Rodizio in English actually means “rotation” and Rodizio style restaurants do just that. They rotate freshly cooked meats of various types past your table and carve them directly onto your plate. Rodizio is a truly unique dining experience and is now popular around the world.

What to expect from the Rodizio experience

The Rodizio experience usually starts with a visit to a very large salad bar where you choose from a great selection of Brazilian salads and side dishes. After the visit to the salad bar, it’s time for the meat. In Rodizio-style restaurants, waiters come around with large skewers of meat moving around the tables, slicing off pieces of delicious succulent meat directly onto your plate until you say stop.

What kind of meat will be served?

The Rodizio experience offers diners a variety of meats, which can include chicken, pork, lamb, and beef. The meats are all cooked slowly over open flames, so they are wonderfully tender and juicy. Rodizio restaurants usually have a wide selection of meats on offer, so you’re sure to find something to your taste.

What are the salads and sides?

The salads and side dishes in a Rodizio restaurant are of course Brazilian, and you can expect to find a great selection of authentic dishes. The salad bar is usually stocked with plenty of fresh vegetables, fruits, and dressings, as well as rice, beans, fries, Yucca (Cassava Root) and many other side dishes. So, if you’re looking for a delicious and healthy meal, Rodizio is the perfect option!

History of the Brazilian Rodizio

There are different stories about how the Rodizio serving model originated. It is believed it originated in Southern Brazil back around the 1930s. Some say the style was invented when a churrascaria (the Portuguese word for a steakhouse) was created. The Rodízio style restaurant offered all-you-can-eat meat served on swords by Gauchos, the Brazilian cowboys. Another origin story claims the style was invented when a server at a steak house brought a skewer of meat to the wrong table and before bringing it to the correct table he let the other guests take a piece of the meat.
However the Rodizio style was first invented, Rodízio style restaurants are very popular in Brazil today and Rodizio is becoming more prevalent around the world as well.

The Rodizio experience is not to be missed!

If you’ve never tried Rodizio before, then you’re in for a real treat. The experience is unlike any other and provides diners with an endless supply of fresh, delicious meat. So if you’re looking for a unique and mouth-watering experience, Brazilian Rodizio should be on your list.
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