Welcome to Beleza

Step through Beleza’s doors to be immersed in the beauty of Brazil.

Portuguese for beauty, the name Beleza captures the essence of our rodizio-style steakhouse.

More than a meal, more than drinks, Beleza is an experience.

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& Beautiful

Beauty abounds at Beleza.

Legend has it that the rodizio style of service originates from a waiter mistakenly serving a meat skewer to the wrong table, but allowing the guest to take a small piece of the meat.

A service style beginning by chance is delivered with care and attention at Beleza. A stylish aesthetic and an exuberant team gives Beleza a vibrancy that makes for a dining experience like no other.

What can you expect at Beleza?

As an authentic Brazilian rodizio, it’s all-you-can-eat and you’re in control of the flow of food. Sumptuous skewers are carved tableside by skilled passadores, and a beautiful self-serve salad bar brims with Brazilian and Argentinian dishes. Pair with a traditional cocktail or south american wine to take tastes to new heights. Our menu’s flair is matched by Beleza’s spirit, promising a vibrancy that’s hard to resist.

A festival for your senses awaits.